My Etsy Store

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to share my Etsy store, Mystical3DPrints, with you where I make and sell some Harry Potter inspired items!

Harry Potter Assorted Quote Bookends

One of my most recent creations are these quote Harry Potter themed bookends, using famous quotes from series, topped with the infamous glasses and scar. These bookends are 3D printed in a quote combination and colour of your choosing. I have the following options available:

After All This Time | Always
Harry Yer A Wizard | I’m a What?
Harry Yer A Wizard | Until the Very End
The Boy Who Lived | Until The Very End
You’ll Stay With Me? | Until The Very End
Dobby Has No Master | Dobby Is A Free Elf

Niffler Jewellery Stand

This little guy is a great addition to any Potterhead collection or used as a Niffler jewellery stand!


The whole reason why my shop exists is because of this cute little guy. I put some jewellery on him and made a Reddit post which went viral! It was so popular that people were asking me if I was ever going to sell them, so that’s how my store came to be!

This Niffler comes in two sizes and colours:new and cropped.jpg

There is a 15cm and 13cm tall Niffler, painted in light or dark skin tones.
You can also purchase the Niffler unpainted in black filament if you are so inclined as to paint it yourself.

As these Nifflers (along with everything else on my store) are made to order, if you would like a Niffler to asap, check out my ready to ship listing which will have any Nifflers that ship within 1-3 business days.

I hope you guys check out my store!