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Dobby with Sock 10″ Funko Pop Review

I was so very excited to pick up the newly released 10-inch Dobby with Sock #63 Funko Pop that is a part of the wave 5 series. I didn’t think this pop was being released until July so I was very surprised to get a phone call telling me that my pre-order was in.

This pop was purchased for $80, which is not at all surprising considering standard pops in Australia normally retail for $19 each.

If you already have the regular sized 4-inch Dobby pop, you’ll notice that they are the exact same pop, except for the fact that one is significantly bigger than the other.

Here’s Dobby in his box, excuse the glare.

And here is the little Dobby vs the Big Dobby in his box:


Now for some out of box shots. It seems a little redundant to do this as he is exactly the same as the smaller one.

Although this is a cute shot of big and little Dobby together.


There is a very slight difference between the two, and that is the smaller Dobby doesn’t have paint on his toenails whereas the bigger one does. The piece of cloth he is wearing does look a little bit more detailed and more cloth-like than the smaller Dobby.

I knew before I pre-ordered this that the 10-inch Dobby would be the same as the smaller one, I just wish if they were going to go through the effort of releasing such a huge pop, that they actually make it look different than the pop we already have, or just give us a new character altogether.

If you didn’t already know, they are releasing a 6-inch Basilisk pop so I feel as though they should have switched the sizes of the two as it makes more sense for the Basilisk to be a 10-inch pop and for Dobby to be a 6-inch. Imagine how cool it would have been if we had such a huge Basilisk pop!

Here he is among my other pops. The space he is sitting in was actually where I made space for the new wave of pops so I’ll have to have a play around with my bookcase to work out where Dobby is going to go.


As a die-hard Harry Potter fan though, I am just excited to have any pop this big. Let me know in the comments below if you are going to be getting your hands on the new Dobby pop, or any of the wave 5 pops being released soon!



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