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Harry Potter Super Box Poptaria May Unboxing

WOW! Have I got something exciting for you! I finally received this crazy big $200 Harry Potter Super Box from Poptaria! I am so very impressed with it and it was such a delight to receive such a well made loot box. If you are interested in this box (or any other box that they have) check out the website here. This box isn’t a recurring subscription so you would need to order it whenever a new box is announced.

Here is a picture of the whole box. This has to be the best loot crate box I’ve ever bought (I even think it’s better than the official Wizarding World Lootcrate).


House Crest Tumble Set
I love this gorgeous tumbler set. I value this item at $30.


Harry Potter Cluedo
I must say I definitely wasn’t expecting a whole board game in this box! I just wish Poptaria included some friends in the box to play with 😂. I value this item at approximately $45.img_6526.jpg

Luna Plush
I love this completely adorable Luna plush with Spectrespecs! This is, in fact, the first Harry Potter plush I’ve ever owned and what a great way to start the collection😁. I value it at $20.


Harry Potter – Rubeus Hagrid & Harry Potter Vynl 2-Pack
I’ve always wanted to collect these Vynls, but I have a hard enough time trying to afford the entire Harry Potter Funko pop line, so it was a very nice surprise to find this in the box. I value this item at $30.


Harry Potter Gryffindor Knit Hat and Scarf Set
I like this Hat and Scarf set as I am a very proud Gryffindor. I did come to the realisation we weren’t asked what house we were when we purchased the box so there was a chance you could have received a set that wasn’t your house, which would’ve been disappointing. I value this set at $40.


Hedwig Pin
A very cute pin. Sadly it’s not one that can go on my pinboard due to the clip backing type. I value it at $6.


Harry Potter Keeper of Keys Keyring
One thing I love more than Harry Potter merch? Harry Potter merch that I can actually use! I really like this keyring and I actually needed one as well! I value this at $12.


To conclude, we paid $200 for this box and got $183 worth of item value, add in an approximate shipping cost of $10 and the total comes to $193. So we definitely got our monies worth! I suggest you all take a look at the Poptaria website as they are well known to produce high-quality boxes of all kinds.

I can’t pick what my favourite is as I like all the items very much. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite item was.



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