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DIY Easy Enamel Pin Board Display for Harry Potter Pins

I’ve been starting to get into pin collecting ever since I started receiving loot boxes with pins in them. Honestly, before that, I was never really a fan but now I love them! The most notable ones I own are the Horcrux pins from the Wizarding World Lootcrate boxes -which you can read about here – which I really love and would love a better way of displaying them instead of having them sit low on my bookshelf.


It is super simple to create your own pin board to display your pins. You will need:

  • Corkboard
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Printed templates (optional)
  • Scissors (optional with templates)
  • Pen and ruler
  • Tape
  • Small container for pin backings

Time required: Approximately 30 minutes to one hour of actual working time.
Multiple hours of drying time depending on your weather.

Pick yourself up a corkboard with frame of whichever size you would like. I’d like to future-proof my pin display so I bought the Keji Plastic Frame Corkboard from my local Officeworks store which measures 490 x 370mm and cost me $9.97, which is plenty big enough for the measly seven pins I currently own with plenty of room to expand. You can pick one up from your local craft or office supply store.


Some people even like to buy shadowboxes and replace the picture frame backing with their own cork sheet to give their pin display a bit of depth.

The first thing I did was quickly tap up the frame as this allowed me to be as messy as I wanted and I could easily paint the edges of the frame.

All you need to do next is paint the corkboard any background colour and then add any design you’d like using the templates you’ve chosen. Some people even like to glue some fabric over their corkboard.

First I painted the canvas with a gold metallic acrylic paint, let it dry then gave it a second coat of paint to really try to hide the look of the cork.IMG_6473.jpg

I also decided to paint on always in black with the “A” being the Deathly Hallow symbol. I found the one I liked and cut it out with a Brother Scan and Cut. Obviously, you can just use some scissors for this part.


Then I used a metal ruler with the above template to carve in the Deathly Hallows symbol into the corkboard and actually got my mother to write the rest of the word in pen because she has much nicer handwriting than me 🙂img_6478.jpg

I then painted it in black and let it dry, before fixing up my interesting paint job with some leftover paint so make sure you have a little bit of a paint for this.


Add some pins, and voila! The board is ready to display. I just really need some more pins though so it doesn’t look so sparse! The ‘s’ is a little bit high but meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

IMG_6480.jpgNot seen in my room tour -as it has since been slightly updated since then- is this bookshelf extension that was accidentally sent to me when I purchased all my furniture from Ikea. I decided to make some use out of it and I added it on top of my dresser, allowing for some space for more merch!

To keep the pin backing’s safe, I used this small container I found at my local supermarket in the food container section (it’s normally used for salad dressings etc).


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



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