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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Lootcrate | March 2018 | Enchanting Essentials

Hey everyone! The Wizarding World lootcrate for March is finally here. This month’s theme is Enchanting Essentials.

image (1)

I’m so happy that March’s crate finally arrived on time but although the crate is better than January’s it’s still a little dissapointing in some aspects.

As always, here is the full crate. IMG_6031
The first item we have is the shirt which features the Hogwarts crest. I really like the shirt.

Next we have a double-sided wizardry sign. You can see on both sides that there is dodgy bubbles where it’s been stuck down onto the wood which is a little disappointing to see but nevertheless I still like this sign.

Lootcrate loves giving out notebooks so we got a four pack with 50 pages each. I do like the designs but I’m a digital person so I don’t have much need to books.

Unfortuantly, lootcrate has decided to “take a break” from their horcrux pin series so instead we get this Doe Patronous pin instead. I’m not sure why lootcrate is doing this but many people have said that they are only getting the crates to finish the pin collection before cancelling and it wouldn’t surprise me if lootcrate is purposely drawing it out to get people to keep buying for the pins.


I’m not sure how the book below fits in to the theme but it’s still a nice item as I do enjoy Fantastic Beasts very much.


Lastly we have a house magnet.


Of cause to finish up we have the spoiler car as well as what the box turns into when you turn it inside out.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was! Mine would be the shirt and the sign.

Make sure you follow my blog to see my next unboxing for May, where the theme is Hogwarts House Pride! If you want to get one of these boxes yourself, feel free to use my referral link when signing up and we both get to save $5!




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