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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (Unreleased) Review

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile game where you can create your own character and play as a Hogwarts student. You are even given the option to pick the house you want to be in which was a good move on the developer’s part and you can also choose your own name.  If you are worried about spoilers, this post doesn’t cover anything after halfway through your first year.

Here’s a brief run down of my play through so far. Create a character, choose your name and receive your Hogwarts letter.

Choose your house. I, of cause, chose Gryffindor.

sorting hat

Charms Class
During your classes you will see objects or people highlighted in blue and you use your energy to fill up the blue bar at the top of the screen.

As this is a mobile game, everything you do is just clicking or swiping for spells so it’s a very easy game to play. As you interact with other students and professors, you are given choices of dialogue to respond with. Your response can possibly either earn you or lose you points in the following categories:

  • Courage: Represents your strength of nerve, bravery and might.
    • Earn in Flying Class
  • Empathy: Represents your loyalty, friendship and ability to understand others.
    • Earn in Charms Class
  • Knowledge: Represents your academic aptitude, investigative skills and the sum of what you know.
    • Earn in Potions Class

As you gain points points in each category, it affects the game play and how other students perceive you. Having a certain amount of points in each category also helps you when it comes to certain game play events as the more points you have, the more bonuses you could potentially receive. It’s literally a “choose your own adventure” style game and I really like how my options directly influence the game play.
See the example below where we run into bully Merula. I chose the option “Stand up to her” and gained +5 points in Courage.

You can even decide your own actions to take in certain situations, such as a bully taunting you to a duel and you can either tell them they are not worth your time or you can go ahead and duel them. And of cause there are always repercussions so choose your path wisely.


Potions Class
Potions class could’ve gone a lot better if my cauldron didn’t blow up. You can also see the option of losing points in knowledge for saying “Merula sabotaged me” or gaining points in courage for blaming Snape.

The funniest thing ever is me accusing Snape of it being his fault for not receiving proper instruction. Just look at the PURE SASS on my face, it’s the funniest thing ever.

potions 6

Thankfully I avoided detention.

potions 7

The game has “energy” so you can do actions in the game, but this also means that you can run out of energy and have to wait real life time for it to regenerate. This means that you have to wait and come back later to continue with the game. This is very similar to all other mobile games so whilst I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s still a little annoying as I was really enjoying the game and wanted to keep playing but couldn’t. I could only play for about 20 minutes the first time before I ran out of “energy”.

There is the option to keep playing when you run out of energy but this requires real life money.

  • 25 gems $1.39
  • 130 gems $5.99
  • 275 gems $11.99
  • 575 gems $27.99

You can then use these gems to buy energy

  • 20 gems 5 energy
  • 35 gems 10 energy
  • 60 gems 20 energy

Leveling Up
As you progress through the game, you naturally level up and this is one way you can gain more energy overall. As you level up, you gain another energy point that you can spend. When I went from level 1 to 2, I went from 15 energy to 16 .You also get a gem. Going from level 2 to level 3 gained me another energy point plus two gems. As you level up your energy bar also gets filled back up as well.

House Cup
You are able to keep an eye on all the points each house has and you get big rewards for coming in first or second as you would normally have to pay real money for those gems! So it’s certainly worth it to keep your nose out of trouble (something I as a Gryffindor have trouble doing) so that you can win the house cup and get the good rewards.

house cup

Changing Clothes
If you were wondering what the coins were for, this is it. You are able to change your clothes in the game and you can either use gems that you’ve earned (very slowly or by winning the house cup) or coins to change up your outfit. I dislike that I would need to use gems to wear my house scarf as that is my favourite piece of clothing item that I’ve seen so far.

Technical Issues
The game audio/music keeps cutting out at random times and I am not sure if it’s the games fault due to it being the unreleased version and therefore not polished or the fact I’m using an android emulator on my computer.

The Gryffindor common room also had the worlds strongest ray of light which kind of ruined my experience in there 😦


Considering it is an unreleased version of the game it is still working quite well. I am thoroughly enjoying this game. It’s a very fun, cute and easy game to play and I cannot wait to see how I progress through the years and how my character develops.

Have you played this game yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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