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Harry Potter February 2018 Poptaria Unboxing

Poptaria is an Australian loot box/mystery box company. I’ve heard about them quite a long time ago and finally decided to give them a go with their Harry Potter box which cost me $50 including shipping. It was supposed to be a combined Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts box this month but it seems as though, according to their Facebook page, the FB item fell through which is a little disappointing. Nevertheless, I was still happy with what I received.

This box, alongside many others, are not reoccurring subscription boxes so if you wanted to get the next box that comes along, you would have to make sure you purchase it each month before it sells out. They tend to release this box approximately every 2-3 months so keep an eye out for it.

Here is an overview of the entire box:


The first item we have is the Ginny Weasley Quidditch pop which is fantastic as I do not have this pop yet and it was definitely one of the ones on my list to get next. I’ll value this at $19.

Next we have the Dobby mug which is adorable and useful valued at $18.


Ron Weasley pop pen valued at $8. The great thing about mystery boxes is that you get things you would not normally buy yourself and this is one of them.


Room of Requirement Tin Sign valued at $8. I’m a huge fan of this room so this is a nice little sign to add to my collection.


Hogwarts Luggage Tag is definitely something I can use on the rare occasion that I do travel. Valued at $8.

Overall we paid $50 and we got $61 in value which is pretty good. I did in fact enjoy this box quite a bit and I look forward to seeing what other Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts boxes they come out with.

Items: 8/10 (missing Fantastic Beasts 😦 )
Price: 9/10

Would I buy again? Would I recommend this box to others? Hell yes I would! I’m a huge fan of authentic branded merchandise so I definitely felt like I got my monies worth.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was. Mine would have to be the Quidditch Ginny pop.






  1. I got this box as well and was so happy with it! I think I’ve received 3 or 4 Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts boxes from Poptaria now and they’ve all been great value for money! Did you see that they have a new Harry Potter Super Box for May? $200 and so very tempting!
    I subscribe to LootCrate as well and it is ridiculous how much better this $50 box was compared to paying $68 for what we received in ‘January’ (March)!
    I’d have to choose both the Mug and Ginny pop as my favourite items. I like to drink Tea so I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of the mug and I just think it’s a good size and so cute! I was planning on getting the pop anyway as I love Ginny and also really like all of the pop’s in their Quidditch robes!


    • I saw the new box yesterday! Ahhh I’m so excited. Definitely going to pick it up! Poptaria has definitely got me hooked!
      Yeah lootcrate was so very disappointing. I can’t believe they gave us only four items. I knew something was up when I saw just how small the box was! I’ve subscribed for a year so I’ve got lootcrate till like December-ish so I really really hope they step up their game because the crates are so very expensive!
      I am really loving the mug, I use it everyday for my tea 😀

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