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Advanced Potion Making – Severus Snape’s Book | Harry Potter Replica Book

One of the more unique pieces of fandom merchandise that I own has to be the Advanced Potion Making – Half Blood Prince’s book replica.

In the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Harry comes across an old potions textbook annotated with improvements by “The Half Blood Prince” as we all come to know as Severus Snape. These improvements help Harry to brew the Draught of the Living Death which not only allowed him to win the Felix Felicis potion from Professor Slughorn, but also achieve better results in the potions class than Hermione Granger.


It is a complete book that you can actually sit down and read which I just find amazing. All the annotated notes are actually able to be read as well, although due to the small writing some parts can be quite difficult to read, but it can be done! Like all replicas, almost all of it is written with artistic freedom with information taken from the Harry Potter wiki, although when canon information was known- from what was seen in the movies and read in the books- it was also added into the book.


Some of the more well known potions from the Harry Potter series are shown below.

The most powerful love potion in existence. It causes powerful infatuation or obsession from the drinker. The potion emits a difference smell for each person, which reminds them of the things they find the most attractive.

Draught of Living Death
This potion is an extremely powerful sleeping draught, that causes the drinker to fall into a deathlike slumber. You’ll see that the equipment required, ingredients and even the instructions are accurately described as seen in the film.

Felix Felicis
Also known as “Liquid Luck” is a potion that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful.

Polyjuice Potion
Allows the drinker to assume the form of someone else although it cannot be used to transformed into another species.

A powerful truth serum that forces the drinker to answer all questions put to them truthfully. The victim only states what they believe to be the true answer, and therefore their answers are not necessarily true.


Wolfsbane Potion
Allows the drinker to relieve the symptoms of lycanthropy and must be drunk each day of a week preceding the full moon. This potion allows the drinker to hold onto their mental faculties after transforming.

Calming Draught
The calming draught is used to calm someone down after experiencing some kind of emotional trauma or shock. I decided to add this potion, as well as the two following as they are quite prominent in fan fiction writing and I thought it would be interesting to see an interpretation of how these potions might possibly be created. This potion is also given to Hannah Abbott in her fifth year after crying in her Herbology lesson after claiming to be too stupid to take her exams.

Dreamless Sleep Potion
A potion used to induce drowsiness and provide a dreamless sleep for the drinker. It can also be assumed that the amount of potion that has been drunk is proportionate to the amount of time you sleep for. Harry drank only a portion of this potion and woke up sooner than expected.


Blood Replenishing Potion
A potion that tops up the levels of blood within the drinker after blood loss from injuries or other reasons.


Causes lost bones to regrow. Known to be a quite slow and painful process for the drinker to go through. Harry had to drink this potion after Gilderoy Lockhart’s failed attempt at mending his broken arm caused the bones to completely disappear instead.



The spells below were known to be invented by Severus Snape and were found written in his potion’s textbook.

A jinx that causes the target to have their tongue affixed to the roof of their, thereby silencing them. It also works on spirits, which was seen when Harry used it on Peeves the Poltergeist.

One of the more notable spells that Severus Snape invented was Sectumsempra. A curse he created to use against his enemies which would slash the victim, causing deep wounds. The picture below depicts the film’s interpretation of the book and spell in question. Below that is the replica version, which as you can see, was copied word for word. They did a good job at keeping it as accurate as possible.

Levicorpus, Liberacorpus and Toe-Nail Growing Hex
Levicorpus – a jinx- is a spell that is meant to be cast non-verbally and causes the victim to be hoisted into the air by their ankle. The counter spell for this is Liberacorpus.

The Toe-Nail growning hex causes the victim’s toenails to grow at an alarming rate.


The Muffliato charm is used to fill the ears of any person in the area of the caster with a buzzing sound so that the conversation cannot be overheard.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite potion is!




    • Hi Sara,

      I originally found this on etsy but it seems that the person is no longer selling them. There was also another person selling a very similar book but he got shut down by Warner Bros. Unfortuantly at this time you can’t buy it anywhere.


    • Came across this blog researching Advanced Potion Making replicas, and I wanted to reply to your comment, Sara, to let you know that there’s now a shop on Etsy selling a very, very well-made replica of this book that’s similar in quality to this! I just bought one myself and thought I’d share!

      If you’re interested, here’s the link to the shop:

      And the Instagram of the shop owner is

      My best!


  1. It’s saddening that the merchants on Etsy got shut down. I would love to own one of these. Severus Snape is my favorite Harry Potter character. Maybe Warner Bros. will let one be published. I can dream haha.


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