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Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Room Tour 2018

In mid December 2017 I moved back home to live with my parents (yay :/). Since then I have been working on getting my new Harry Potter themed bedroom setup and the time has finally come for me to showcase it!

The Beginning
Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos when I was starting this as this blog was not even an idea in my mind at the time. I do have a small amount of video footage, so you’ll have to check out my video above to see that.

The pictures below show how I eventually ended up placing the four pieces of Ikea furniture that I bought. The large Brusali drawers ($179) on the right there are – I admit- in a weird spot as my Bekant desk ($199) and my computer tower do get in the way of opening the drawers. But, I hardly ever need to access these drawers as the items in them aren’t used regularly so, whilst it’s not an ideal setup, it will do for now as I need the storage space. The desk I bought after I measured the length, but somehow I forgot to measure the depth so it’s a little bit bigger than I initially wanted but nevertheless I just have to deal with it now. Next to the large drawers is the Malm chest of two drawers that I use as my bed side-table. You can also kind of see the Billy bookcase ($105) in the left photo. I also picked up some cheap faux rugs for $10 each from Kmart. 

If you are wondering about that cable and power point on the wall; it was originally setup to have a TV on the wall, but I got the antenna port changed over to an ethernet port (thank you brother) so that I could have my computer directly connected to the internet.

The Finale
I didn’t take any photos or video of me actually setting everything up as I did it over a month, but here is the final product for now. This is the view from my doorway. To the left is my computer setup where I spend every waking moment in my muggle life. The lighting is bad, and I apologise for that. The fairy lights I bought from eBay for $19 and are a “warm white” colour.

Reppin’ all the houses (I don’t discriminate. We all have a little of each house’s traits within us). I bought these flags from eBay for $6.85 each.


Above my bed I have some prints that I bought from Supanova Melbourne. To the left of the prints is a cheap map of Hogwarts/Diagon Alley/etc from Wish for really cheap-like $2 or something.



I used to have a light box here but I recently changed things up to make better use of the great little display area on top of the set of drawers. This could also been seen as my shrine to Severus Snape (Always). If you didn’t know already, that Advanced Potion Making book is actually a real fan-made replica that unfortunately you are no longer able to purchase anymore. I will also have a blog post about it next week. I love replica pieces so this is a great addition to my collection. I can’t remember pricing but I think it was like $60 + $20 shipping.


Directly above my monitor is my Snape print alongside my Sirius Black print that I bought at Supanova. You can see that I sneakily covered the outlets with my poster from The Case of Beasts book. If you watch the video, you will see that my computer monitor wallpapers actually move. The left monitor is of the Hogwarts Great Hall at Halloween. The middle is the Gryffindor Common Room and the right is the Hogwarts Library. You can even turn on the volume and listen to some ASMR. You can get these using the Wallpaper Engine (US$4) software from Steam.


Let’s move onto my bookcase that holds the majority of my fandom merchandise.


At the top we have my 3D printed Dumbledore bust and Dobby statue. This is also where I am storing my Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Noble Collection statues. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous although they are so very expensive. They retail for $58 each here in Australia but thankfully Zing had an epic sale during the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter combined with another one of their big sales and the price was reduced to $28.80! What a bargain! Sales like this rarely come around though. The Occamy and Bowtruckle was purchased for me from a good friend of mine for my birthday. I love both of these so very much, they are some of my favourite creatures.


As we move down the bookcase, we get into my pop collection and I don’t have too many as Funko Pops retail for $19 each here (expensive!). The exclusives are $25 each and the 6″ pops are $50. On the left is my 3D printed Hogwarts crest and Hogwarts house Coat of Arms.


More Funko Pops from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and bits and pieces from the Wizarding World Lootcrates.


Mostly storage at the bottom of the shelf.


You’re probably thinking to yourself… She’s got this epic Nimbus 2001 sitting right there and she hasn’t spoken about it yet?! Well here you go. I got a Nimbus 2001It is completely awesome!! I got this only because Zing (in case you are wondering, Zing is one of the very few places to actually buy Harry Potter merchandise in store in Australia) was having a sale and the broom was reduced in price from $528 to $369. This is also going to be the broom I use when I eventually get enough money together for a custom-made Madam Hooch Cosplay.


Finally, here are some pictures of my room when the main light is turned off and I just have the ambience from the fairy lights. Take note: The camera makes the room appear a little darker than it actually but I’m sure you get the idea.

So that is all I have to show and tell for today. Please let me know in the comments below what you liked or what your favourite piece of merch is.



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