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J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World Lootcrate | November 2017 | Secrets of the Wizarding World

Secrets of the Wizarding World was the theme for J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World Lootcrate for November 2017.

Here is a picture of the whole box together, taken from my instagram.


The box comes with five items:
First we have the Helga Hufflepuff Horcrux pin. I really love the pins that we get with this crate. So far we have four pins (Ring, Locket, Diary, Cup) so we know that for the next 3 boxes we will be getting horcruxes as pins. I wonder if they will make a little Harry horcrux pin? lol.


The next item is an Ariana Dumbledore secret compartment picture frame. When open it reveals a picture of the Room of Requirement with two hooks inside. Although I personally don’t have much use for this item (unless displaying it on my shelf is ‘using’ it), but I do like this item. It’s unique and a lootcrate only exclusive.


This set of two-sided coasters featuring The Blind Pig and Giggle Water as seen in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, were not only a surprise to me, but I found them useful! Ever since I opened this lootcrate I’ve been using these coasters everyday at my computer desk.


I am Lord Voldemort magnet set is up next. Unfortunately, whilst I like it, I cannot use these magnets anywhere as my fridge is not magnetic on the front, and therefore it remains on my bookshelf on display as is. I hope to be able to actually use it one day though as it’s a nice addition to my collection.


One of my more favourite and useful items -I have this thing where I like items that I can use and interact with, otherwise they have to be really cool to display- is the 12 Grimmauld Place collapsible tote. I use this all the time when I take parcels to the post office to ship off my Nifflers.

IMG_8781 - Copy.jpg

That’s all the items for this crate so here is the spoiler card for the box:


Another cool part of this crate is the fact that the box itself can be turned into a Marauder’s Map which I think is really cool!

The next crate was supposed to be coming out in January but lootcrate are notorious for shipping out boxes very late so I won’t be able to show you the next crate till at least the end of February. To get you excited though, you can see the theme of the next box below


I hope you guys like this crate unboxing. Make sure you let me know what you thought of this box and what your favourite item was. If you want to sign up for lootcrate yourself, feel free to use my referral link and you and I both will save $5!



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