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Fantastic Beasts Wand Collection Review | The Noble Collection

When I saw this gorgeous wand collection on sale from $288 to $201 at Zing during one of their sales in December 2017, I just knew that I had to snap it up! The Noble Collection makes gorgeous pieces of fandom merchandise and my purse is ever so lacking in galleons every time I purchase something from them.


This wand set comes with five gorgeous wands from prominent characters of the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.IMG_8794.jpg


This first wand is one of my favourites. Belonging to Queenie Goldstein, a desk job worker in the Wand Permit Office at MACUSA and great legilimens, this sensual wand with a shell handle is so fitting for Queenie’s bubbly personality.

Wood: Rosewood
Core: Unknown
Length: 13 7/8 inches – 35.24cm

Queenie Goldstein wand

seraphina.PNGThis next wand belongs to Seraphina Picquery who is the President of MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America). I really like this wand, although you can see a (metal/plastic) rod that goes straight up the middle of the pink gemstone handle, which doesn’t look too great in my opinion. I do like the fact that they use an actual gemstone-like material instead of just painting it solid (and not being transparent).

Wood: Swamp Mayhaw
Core:  Rougarou Hair
Length: 13 7/8 inches – 35.24cm

Seraphina Picquery Wand

newt.PNGNext is the wand belonging to my favourite Hufflepuff and animal lover, Newt Scamander. Newt’s wand, although simple, is very representative of him as a person as the wand is made of wood and other natural elements which shows his respect for animals and the environment. ‘Shell’ can be seen in the hole at the end of his wand which I think looks very nice.

Wood: Lime wood, shell, bone and ash
Core: Unknown
Length: 14 inches – 35.56cm


graves.PNGThe wand shown below belongs to Percival GravesHead Auror at MACUSA and Gellert Grindelwald in disguise. This sleek wand, black in colour with silver bands and handle is very fitting for Graves’ masculine character. Whilst it is simple, I do think it is a nice wand.
Wood: Ebony
Core: Unknown
Length: 15inches – 38cm



The last wand in the collection belongs to Porpentina Goldstein who held positions as both an Auror and Federal Wand Permit Officer at MACUSA. I must admit, I find Tina’s wand to be the most boring wands I’ve ever seen. I think this bland wand design is reflective in Tina’s personality as she seems to be the straight and narrow type.

Wood: Unknown
Core: Unknown
Length: 13 7/8 inches – 35.24cm

Now lets not forget the plaque itself which is another reason why I bought this set. I love the thought of having my wands on display instead of sitting in boxes. Wands are beautiful, they are made to be seen. At the top of the plaque is the MACUSA emblem. It has a very sleek design that blends well with the known aesthetics of MACUSA.

You may have noticed a little bit of scuff marks on the plaque at the bottom. This is not the fault of production but more so the plaque falling off the wall after I bumped into it one day. Thankfully no other part of it was damaged!


I hope you all enjoyed this review of the Fantastic Beasts Wand Collection. It is one of my most favourite pieces of fandom merchandise. Please let me know in the comments which wand you love the most!



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